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About the Owner

Hey! Hi! Hello! I am Shalaine Archie, founder and owner of StayFor, LLC in Columbia, SC.  With 23 years of experience caring for children of all ages, I hope to use my knowledge and expertise to bring quality, genuine, and safe experiences to the families and keepers I come into contact with. 

History of Child & Home Care

The first children I cared for are now adults in their 20s! Time flies when you are having fun and I have always made fun the approach to how I care for children. If you make it fun, they will want to do it! When you have a gift for connecting with children, the fun will never be too far behind.In my career as a caregiver, I have done everything from the occasional evening out to traveling out of the country and to different states. I have even been the first caregiver a family has ever had. The safety,well-being, and support of the children I care for is always the most important thing.

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